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Toki wo koe sora wo koe Voting



Keep it? https://app.box.com/s/jnv3lu5qjxvliw11dbml

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Total Votes: 4

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Toki wo koe sora wo koe Voting

Post by Sasha8 on Sat 7 Mar - 15:31

the reason this made the list was because the vocals do not match well. what do you think?

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Date d'inscription : 2013-04-26
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Re: Toki wo koe sora wo koe Voting

Post by Alhysia on Sun 8 Mar - 15:46

I voted yes, I think we should keep it. I listened to it and I agree that it may not be the best dub ever (but that's not what we're trying to do, is it? :') )  but it's ok!  It has been hard to have all the lines so it would be a bit sad if we don't release it ^^ . We're singing for fun mainly, so except if it's really awful, and that's not the case, I think we should release it : ) moreover this is an indie single so well : )
It's my opinion and I'll understand if some disagree ^^

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Date d'inscription : 2014-07-16
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Re: Toki wo koe sora wo koe Voting

Post by Janjan on Sun 8 Mar - 23:23

I never thing anything that has been fully mixed should be scrapped at any point ever. Is this the best dub I've ever heard? No but like Alhysia said we're singing for fun so I don't really care if this doesn't sound stellar. I think this sounded pretty good. There were a few parts that I would ask to be re-done if I were mixing and then release it but I'm the type who cuts something out if they don't have the time to re-record just to make sure something sounds the best I can make it.

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Re: Toki wo koe sora wo koe Voting

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