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☻Facebook for members☻


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☻Facebook for members☻

Post by Maika on Fri 22 Jul - 13:54

Konnichiwa ♥

So, as some of you know already, NYANKEES has a facebook page for the member, which is use in a similar way that this forum.

BUT, as everyone know, this page can't be well structured, so this is why I really want everyone to use the forum.
Also, being a person who is easily drag into any kind of unuseful stuff, being to often on FB is not a good thing, so I am willing to reduce my time there and to go just if I need to remind people about the upcoming things.

I also know that some of you may not have FB, but have skype or G+. I would like to make a list, here and on the L.P.D., of who use what the most and the way to cantact them.

So please fill this:

I use the most:
I use the less:
I never use:
don't give if you don't want or give a spam one that you may check.

I'll repeat it once more, things has to happen on the forum mostly, please, it's bee dead for a couple of month now (little bit by my fault because school + work DX )

I don't want that the week I have passed working on the forum have been used for nothing.....

Thank you very much,
Maika-chan ♥

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Re: ☻Facebook for members☻

Post by Sakura on Sun 7 Aug - 14:00

I use the most: Skype / FB
I use the less: G+
I never use: Yt private messages because I can't
Skype: sakura-oda
FB: Sakura Ikumi
G+: Same as YT
YT: Sakura / Mirai
E-mail: sakuraoda6@gmail.com

    Current date/time is Fri 14 Dec - 11:41