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About the training project


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About the training project

Post by Maika on Sun 12 Feb - 13:48

Hello everyone!!!

So I changed the trainees section to a trainning project for all member, those from the indie group, and the main group. It goes like this:

The indie group will have 3 members. Each of them will be in EVERY training songs. Training is at least 1 year long, depends on how you improve. Also, each training song will have one main member, allowing us to practice what we have to in the same time. The four participating members will have 1 month to practice the whole song, as if it was a solo. It's not a speed contest, you all have to take your time to learn and work on what you have difficulties with.
After this practice month, you send us a record and other member will try to help you, and you will always try to correct up to 2 problems.
Then, Sasha or I make the color code and you have another month to record. If you need help, we will find the more suitable member to teach what you have to.

The point of this project is to let everyone work together to make the group sound better. This should make us more close and will not make the indie members feel as if they were lowered class, because they are as important as the others.

To be an indie member does not mean you are less good, just that there is some things in your singing that has to be corrected or worked on the blend the group better.

And last; indie members will take part in the all member singles, so basically track #1 of each single, and sometimes some special song. If you have dub request, feel free to ask, we will be happy to make it happen ♥

Are you all ok with this?

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